Goa: World of Golden Beaches

About Goa

Go Goa the best travel destination, it one of the most beautiful places in the world and the best travel destination. The splendid scenic beauty plus the architectural richness of its temple and churches have made Goa, most favorite all across the world. It has prettiest natural scenery that India has to offer.

This is the best travel destination for people who love to travel and make memories. The fabulous beaches with sunshine is a perfect blend for honeymoon couple as well. A place where people know exactly how to relax more than anywhere else on this earth.

Just lie down into a cushioned chair at a beach shack and taste a pizza slice while you sip your beer, watching silently the sun slipping lazily below the horizon is a perfect combination. If you fascinating to spend a romantic time in serenity with your love, on a beachside, then Goa in the off-season is a perfect time and best travel destination.


Our Trip to Goa

Sometimes unplanned trip goes as awesome as we can not expect any planned trip. The idea just clicked a day before, and we were ready to go. On 1st-September we started our trip from Pune, Maharashtra by train. The train journey is sometimes so enthralling, handling your romantic moments as they whisk from one fascinating landscape to other.

We reached Goa at around six in the morning, one hour drive to our hotel Resort was rejuvenating in itself with greenery everywhere coupled with an excellent climate.

Hotel: Phoenix Park Inn Resort

Hotel cost : ₹ 11,000 approx for 3 nights

Scooty on Rent: ₹ 200/ Day

Exploring Goa:

The best way to explore Goa is “Rent a scooty/ Bike” and head out for an exhilarating ride and explore all the amazing places, with a freedom to go where you choose.

Goa during Off Season

It has few disadvantages depending on your liking and wishlist, but if you are also the one who likes the quietness and tranquility, the place will be the best travel destination for you. Although most restaurants and shopping in and around are open, fewer beach shacks operate, and water sports are closed because of the rough sea, it provides a perfect destination for travelers to enjoy the place even more.


Day 1

1) Candolim Beach

Best travel destination

Peaceful, calm, beautiful blue beach located in North Goa. Enjoyed Sound of roaring sea sitting beside the sea, holding hands of your love with a bright sunshine and cold seawater, with no one around. What a bliss. Spent almost four hours there.

Then enjoyed the long drive in the evening and explored more about Goa.

Day 2:

The day started with slight drizzling. Enjoyed the drizzle at our resort with a cup of coffee and fries. Left for Aguada Fort at around 2 pm. Just 15 min drive from the hotel.

2) Fort Aguada

Fort Aguada and its lighthouse is a well-preserved seventeenth-century Portuguese fort on Sinquerim Beach ( wiki )

Excellent sightseeing with “endless blue water”, with the breathtaking top view of the area around makes Aguada Fort one of the most popular tourist destinations. Good opportunity for clicking lot of photographs. We spent two hours and left for Chapora Fort which was around 30 mins drive.

3) Chapora Fort : (Dil Chahta Hai)

Chapora Fort rises high above the Chapora River ( wiki ) , hence the name given Chapora Fort, the, however, more fascinating name given to the fort is “Dil Chahta hai” Fort, and the reason for this quirky name is that Bollywood blockbuster film “Dil Chahta hai” was shot here back in 2001.

Perfect evening haunt to chill out, where you get splendid sunset view. The cliff gives you a beautiful view of the unending beach, far-off horizon, palm trees and the spectacular sun changing color from blue to yellow to red to orange.

Fort closing timing is 5.30 PM but the mesmerizing view of the oncoming sunset glued us to the boundaries of the fort and guess what the fort was actually closed and there was no way to go out.

Read here ( how we managed to get out of closed fort )

Day 3

It starts with heavy breakfast and trip to Basilica of Bom Jesus a famous church of Goa and UNESCO World Heritage Site. 40 km drive from our Hotel Resort. Lovely weather, scenic beauty, green roads with very less traffic, perfect for a long drive.

4) Basilica of Bom Jesus

After visiting the beautiful church we came back to the hotel at around 2 PM and after having lunch we were again at beach crazily enjoying in salty water with waves for 3 to 4 hours and color changing mesmerizing sunset.

Day 4:

After exploring almost every beach and place from our wishlist, in North Goa, we were ready for an exciting ride to South Goa with amazing sights, almost 40 km ride from our hotel.

Long Drive

5) Majorda Beach:

Majorda Beach
Majorda Beach

Reached Majorda Beach at 2 PM. It was Calm, clean and just a few people around as it was the sunny day.

The time now to explore some Goan Cuisine.

After having delicious food and a cocktail in an open-air restaurant we started our journey back to hotel resort.

Day 5

It is time to leave Goa now, 🙁 although I wanted to stay for some more days just relaxing and traveling with no worries. But the sad part about every trip, that it comes to an end, but the best part is, it creates lots of memories to be cherished for the lifetime.

We miss you Goa!

“At the end of the day, the only thing we can take with us are our memories of all those great life experiences that add meaning to our lives. Given this, I would rather spend my days doing things that will leave me happy memories than collecting possessions.”
(Ref: Who Will Cry When You Die?(Robin Sharma )

I love my life, I love to travel…Cheers!!! 🙂

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  1. Good travelogue about Goa. Great pics.
    Two suggestions,
    1) You can add routes taken to visit locations (with the help of google maps).
    2) Watermark your pics so that no one else takes credit of pics taken by you.
    All the best. Keep posting.

    1. I differ… As watermark

      1) If in background will affect the beauty and image quality.
      2) If in just any corner can be saved and cropped.

      Instead would suggest to add Image Credits under ShareAlike License. Which allows the reader even if using the image to give credits to authorised person.

      1. Thanks For suggestion Manu. I believe placing watermark is good not only for image security but for brand advertising also. While putting watermark I will make sure the image quality will be intact.
        Adding image credit is also a good option I will actually explore it.
        Thanks 🙂

  2. Good one Kritika!
    Really loved to read the blog and felt like I m enjoying Goa again. I guess I should visit it one more time.

    All the best and keep writing about other places as well!

  3. Its every student’s dream to visit Goa with their friends just for parties and beaches..However you focused more on the tranquility and architectural heritage of the city….Simply loved it…Keep up the good work and keep travelling 😊

  4. Good blog Kritika… Enjoyed reading it… Keep going… Explore more… Hope your next blog is on Riyadh and Bahrain…;)

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