Goa: Chapora Fort : (Dil Chahta Hai)- A thrilling Experience

(The Best Holiday Destination)

A Romantic Evening

What happens when you’ve immersed yourself in the beauty of nature’s best – sunset on the beach? That, and more, when you are sitting with your partner, hands-in-hands on the walls of a once a safe-haven to the kings and rulers of India and even the Portuguese people. You lose track of time and forget that the main gates to the fort get all chained up and locked, well before an ideal time for sunset.

Best travel destination

After the whole day of exploring Goan beaches and places, experiences of which are penned down here , we were, there, all pepped up to see the golden reflection on the endless ocean in front of us, with the sun moving steadily to kiss it straight in front of us, though far-far away.

The mesmerizing view of the oncoming sunset glued us to the boundaries of the fort. The lovely weather, sound of the waves gushing against the shore and a distant view of ships made a good deal for an artist’s motivation. It was just perfect making it the best travel destination all across the world.

It was suddenly disturbed by the loud whistle by the security guard announcing the closing of the fort entrance. But we, and few more people were definitely in no mood to leave. Kept sitting there, we saw another couple sitting across the corner.

Mesmerising Sunset View

sunset on the beach

And slowly, the moment of a beautiful sunset is in front of us, defeating the patches of clouds and engulfed into the ocean. We couldn’t stop staring in awe what we witnessed, even quite sometime after the Sun got immersed, not just disappeared.

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Stuck ! Stuck ! Stuck – All Gates Closed a thrilling adventure

The silence and the sound of waves gushing towards the shore and the onset of darkness were with us as we headed back to exit the fort. But wait, the gate is closed – not just a latch, but with all possible chains and big locks.
So the gate is closed and we are stuck? Stuck in Dark with no one around? Even the other lone couple we saw earlier was no-where in sight. That sudden pang of anxiousness wrapped us around. Scared, to hell and back.

Date: 2nd Sept.

Started looking for alternatives here and there, but nothing was visible from there because of the terrain. We walked back towards the walls and saw one side with a small gap. Excitedly, we rushed towards there only to find a good 15ft height with no anchors to support us. Though not an easy way to climb down, we tried anyhow, but to realize it was way more dangerous than being held up inside the boundaries of the fort, for the night. And I know we should not have been, but we were – Excited, with this very thought.

A bit scared and anxious, we still thought of giving another try to find an escape route. We started a frantic search of an escape route, along with discussing the alternatives ranging from jumping on the side of shore landing us on the sand to call the local police for help.

Another 10-15 minutes of search and we saw a narrow stretch, somewhat looking like a path, along with the northern side of the fort. Couldn’t see where it was leading, but the desire to try that out, and the helplessness of any better option, we slowly jumped out of the wall and started walking on the trail, cautiously.

What seemed to be an eternity, with our mobile flashlights turned-on, we could see the patch of land which brought a sense of relief for us. We laughed our hearts out as we were out of danger, descending towards our stranded two-wheeler.

Thoughts: Goa is the best travel destination.I visited Goa in offseason that has its own charm but if you really want to have fun and want to party go there at the time of new year. It is the Best place for the new year and you can mark it on your top 10 tourist destination.

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