Tbilisi City view

Georgia – A Paradise on Earth

About Georgia :

Georgia, The country of joy, A sight to behold, A paradise on earth. Georgia a former Soviet republic, is a crossroad between Europe and Asia that’s home to Caucasus Mountain villages and the Black Sea beaches. Georgian culture is unique and vibrant, which they strictly follow.

Weather :

  • Average Annual Temperature: 13.3 °c
  • Coldest Month- January ( 2.3 °c)
  • Hottest Month July (24.9 °c)


  • Georgian Lari

About Tbilisi – (Capital of Georgia)

Georgia Tbilisi

Tbilisi stands for its culture, history, and color. It is historically known for religious tolerance. Mostly Residents of Tbilisi practice forms of Christianity, most popular of which is Georgian Orthodox Christianity.

There is something magical about the city that blew my mind, something that I always wanted to explore. The kind-hearted people, the incredible countryside, nightlife, and many more things…are a perfect blend of everything.

Day 1

We traveled from Dubai to Tbilisi during the last week of February. Our hotel scheduled airport transfer for us. The drive took around 30-40 minutes.

Tbilisi Hotel DetailsOld Tiflis Boutique Hotel

1) Free Walking Tour :

After a delicious Georgian breakfast, we started with our guided tour of Tbilisi.

Tbilisi sits in a river valley, enclosed by mountains and hills, a small city where you can walk around and explore the beautiful city. These tours are actually free and work on, tip the only basis, where you have the liberty to decide how much to pay. Our travel guide was really good, energetic and perfectly described the city and its culture.

Ref: Free walking tour.

Destination Covered

A) Freedom Square : 

Freedom Square is located in the center of Tbilisi at the eastern end of  Rustaveli Avenue.


B) Bridge of Peace:

Offers a very good view of the city. This bridge is constructed in a bow form. You can enjoy the spectacular view of the bridge in the evening as there are added millions of LED lights on the bridge. The bridge which stretches 150 meters over the Kura River, connects old Tbilisi with the new district.

Bridge of Peace

C) Leghvtakhevi Water Falls


Leghvtakhevi waterfall is most iconic and One of the coolest places in the city as winters was on, at that time. A mesmerizing view of the waterfall, surrounded by cliffs, that is located at the center of Tbilisi and is said to be a source of sulfur mineral water.

Sulfur Baths:

Dome-shaped baths, it is said to have lots of health benefit. However, we missed that part because of the shortage of time and we had a thought to explore other things.

D) Mother of Georgia:

mother of georgia
Mother of Georgia

Beautiful statue, dressed up in national Georgian dress, holding a sword in one hand and a cup of wine on the other hand. She is representing Georgians national character. Hand with wine is up as they offer hospitality first, and sword, on the other hand, represents “Georgians love their freedom”.

With this positive note, our free walking tour ended. Even after 3 hours of walk we were not at all tired and were ready to explore more things. I think there is something rejuvenating in the air of the whole city that keeps us fresh all the time.

e) Narikala Fortress

We can either go up to the fort by a cable car which starts near the peace bridge, or by walk/ drive uphill. We took a taxi and went up to see the amazing view that offers best panoramas of the city.

 Narikala Fortress
Narikala Fortress

Food Time :

Good and cheap food so is the wine :

Georgia offers a very unique and delicious Cuisine, that includes the national dish Khinkali.

  • Khinkali – looks like Chinese dumplings, consisted of mainly minced meat (beef or lamb and pork mixed),
  • Khachapuri – It is mostly a cheese filled bread like cheese pizza
  • Churchkhela –  Traditional Georgian candle-shaped candy, mostly contains grapes and nuts

Most famous Drinks;

  • Khvanchkara (Georgian wine): A Semi-sweet red wine
  • Chacha (Georgian brandy) : Made up with the grape residue. It is said to be the strongest ‘Georgian Vodka’.

Georgia Fooa

Read Here to explore more about Georgian Cuisine.

Day 2 :

Full Day Private Tour in Mtskheta Gori Uplistsikhe

Ref: We booked this tour from Viator

Places Covered

  1. Joseph Stalin Museum, Gori
  2. Uplistsikhe
  3. Svetitskhoveli Orthodox cathedral(Mtskheta)
  4. Javi monastery:(Mtskheta)

1) Joseph Stalin Museum, Gori

Interesting, informative and a well-maintained museum. The museum uncovers the history of Stalin from his early days to his rise to power. You can also see Stalin’s private Railway car on museum grounds.

2) Uplistsikhe:

Uplistsikhe also called  “The Lord’s Fortress” is an ancient rock-hewn town located 10 kilometers east of the town Gori (wiki). It is built on Mtkvari river. It is a place that offers both History and natural magnificence in equal measure. You get the most iconic view of the river and mountains. Sometimes words are not enough to describe what it feels like. Go there to enjoy real beauty.

Photo Time:

Uplistsikhe georgia


Mesmerizing view From top

view From top

3) Svetitskhoveli Cathedral(Mtskheta)

The Svetitskhoveli is an Eastern Orthodox Cathedral recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.


4) Jvari monastery:(Mtskheta)

Jvari Monastery a sixth-century Georgian Orthodox monastery, it is listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Georgian Monastry

Day 3

A trip to Gudauri and Kazbegi-

Best moments happen when they are unplanned! Rightly said, as was with us for the sudden change in plan on Day-3. Initially, we had planned to stay in Tbilisi, visit Kazbegi, Gudauri and then return the same day, but we changed our plan. Instead, we booked an amazing place in Gudauri and we spent rest of our trip to explore Caucasus mountains and around. Amazing experience it was!

I love my life, I love to travel…Cheeers!!! 🙂

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  1. Not all of the tourists coming to visit Georgia know about the details of the history of this beautiful place. I, as a local, feel happy seeing people know!

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