Georgia (Gudauri) – Trip to Gudauri and Kazbegi

From wandering around the roads of Tbilisi exploring its blend of history with modernization, which you can read about in detail here, our next destination brought various places of beauty to behold, architecture to admire and the overall mesmerizing view in front of us.

A trip to Gudauri and Kazbegi, beautiful place you feel like some scene directly coming out of movie and songs playing in your heads.

Day 1 and Day 2:

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Day 3: The trip to Ananuri and Gudauri

Our trip to Ananuri and Gudauri started with waking up early in the morning when it was freezing outside amidst temperature as low as -15°C. I personally feel when you live to travel and explore, the comforts of a bed and cozy warm room are long forgotten!

Georgia Travel

Road Trip:

I always find something magical about the road trips and enjoy it the most. We started our road trip to Gudauri via Ananuri at around 7 AM in the morning. Looking out the window, enjoying the scenic beauty, color changing from brown to green to white. Splendid that was! I can still recreate the memories, so fresh in my mind.

road trip

Zhinvali Reservoir:

It took us around 2.5 hours before we reached our first stop Zhinvali Reservoir a hydroelectric dam on the Aragvi River in the Caucasus Mountains. Crystal clear blue water just melted my heart. The mountains in the backdrop and clean water making its way and clear skies – made it wallpaper perfect.

Ananuri Monastery Complex

Further ahead is a castle situated on the Aragvi River that sits along Georgian military highway. Located on the shores of Zhinvali Reservoir gives it a beautiful view of crystal clear turquoise water.

Tip: Go to the top spot as well to get the best panoramic view, But be careful the steps are really narrow and steep.

kazbegi georgia

And The Road to Gudauri

Perhaps the best part of this day was saved for the last. The route to Gudauri is as beautiful as the place itself. I was so amazed by the beauty of earth that cannot be explained in words. We entered the mountainous region and oh dear God, we were awe-struck with the sheer beauty of snow-laden mountains around us.


 cheap hotel

beautiful view

Hotel In Gudauri: Monte Hotel

Cheap Hotel

We reached the hotel at around 1 PM and enjoyed at the hotel in the middle of the ice. The view from the hotel was so good that we glued to the hotel room itself and decided to relax and enjoy the view for the rest of day.

Hotel View

The hotel’s balcony gave us a view enough to immerse us in its charm for quite a long time as the sun was setting slowly behind the milky mountains.


Hotel View


Day 4: 27 Feb : (A very Special Day My Anniversary)

Snow Fall:

Our eyes opened to see the nature’s best gift for our anniversary – Snowfall.

The mesmerizing beauty was another first for me. Yes, it was the first time for me to experience snowfall and I was as excited as it could get.

We went out in the open, played with all-you-can do with snow. Collecting the snow in my hands, the velvet touch of it, made me gasp. Surely, I was amazed. We enjoyed the snowfall for more than an hour, followed by the uninterrupted and spectacular snowfall for another 3 hours from our balcony. Pure Bliss!


Post lunch, we headed to the happening place in Gudauri.

Ski Resort

This place provided multiple options to spend your day. For all the skiing enthusiasts and learners alike, this is a great place to be.

And then there are ATV Bikes as well you can drive and explore the surroundings by yourself.

There’s also a rope-way which will take you to the peak of the mountain – skiers use it as a start point for their way down skiing. One can also just go, enjoy the beauty around and come down by the cable car itself.


Ropeway to the top of the mountain:


I liked the idea of Restaurants, where you can enjoy a hot drink on the couch, in cold weather in open air surrounding.

However, due to cloudy weather, we missed some part of paragliding and helicopter ride. 🙁

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Things you can enjoy Gudauri Coming Soon 🙂

Day 5: Trip to Kazbegi

Kazbegi – took a 4×4 vehicle for one of the most adventurous rides ever taken. The melting ice all along the curves and turns of the mountain made my heart skip a beat.

Read here my experience and how we got stuck in freezing weather and saved our life(Coming Soon)


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