Dubai- Life in Dubai

About Dubai:

Dubai is beautiful, it has the largest skyscraper in the earth and it looks amazing. The most incredible thing about Dubai is how fast it grows, almost around 30 years back there was nothing and now it has world highest skyscraper. Lavish shopping, man-made island, Giant and beautiful shopping malls, indoor ski, Crowded souks filled with Gold, dessert, club, and Bar, magnificent fountain and thousand other things to explore.


Arab Emirate Dirham(AED) or DH

Best time to visit :

Best time to visit Dubai is November- March. Winter is pleasant weather in Dubai for all outdoor activities.
During months January-February you will find Dubai actually crowded as Dubai shopping festival is on during that time.

Life in Dubai:

I lived in Dubai for 2 years and created a lot of memories to be cherished for the lifetime. I have a somewhat special connection with the beautiful city, maybe because that was my first home after marriage. I wish I could stay there for longer, but destiny had other plans for me and I landed up coming to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with different life altogether. Maybe soon I will be sharing my experience of “Life in Saudi” in my next blog.

You will find 90% of the population in the city is Indian, Pakistani and Philippines. High rise building, six-lane roads, It looks beautiful especially in the evening when the city is decorated with lights, but in peak office hours you will find Dubai crowded but good traffic management makes it manageable.

How to travel:

Taxi :

Taxi in Dubai are cheap and metered. So traveling via taxi in Dubai is a good option.

Public Transport

Public transport in Dubai is very good and cheaper. Dubai Metro(Driverless)  and Dubai bus both are good options. Travel in non-peak hours to find metro less crowded and it gives you best panoramic view of the city.

Places to explore:

  1. Burj Khalifa
  2. Burj Al Arab
  3. Dubai Creek
  4. Dubai Marina
  5. Palm Jumeirah
  6. Meena Bazaar
  7. Jumeirah Beach
  8. The Dubai Founntain
  9. Ski
  10. Gold Souks
  11. Dolphin Show
  12. Global village
  13. Butterfly garden
  14. Mirachel garden
  15. Dubai Dhow Cruise
  16. Dubai Mall
  17. Mall Of Emirates
  18. Ibn Battuta Mall

Food and Alcohol and nightlife:

Food is Dubai is very good you will be able to find any kind of food you like specially many Indian/ Paksatani restaurants are there that offers delicious food.

Alcohol: Though  legally you need license for taking alcohol, it is easily available in many restaurants

What to Wear:

Dubai is very liberal in terms of dresses, unlike other Gulf counties you can wear anything you like, except in some religious places.

Dubai During Ramadam

Locals of Dubai are on fasting and not allowed to eat during daylight. Public eating is also not allowed for everyone. However you can eat food in private places, Restaurants are open, only for take away. The cool part during Ramadan is office hours are shorter by 2 hours for all employees, with very less workload.

Cost of living

Expensive!!! yes, Dubai is actually expensive especially if are renting a home it is really expensive.


I can say it is the safest city in the world. You can roam around at midnight with no worries. Even if you leave your belongings unattended no one will steal.

Once I forgot my iPhone in one of the hotel restaurant washroom and even after 2 hours it was still there.

Tip: Be careful while taking photographs or even selfie, as locals of Dubai are strict about this and can be mad at you.

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