Kesar Malai Peda

Who wouldn’t love the fresh aroma and vibrant colour saffron gives to the milk? Milk delicacies are always a hit in my family and I know the world at large. Milk sweets give the goodness of milk and satisfy our sweet-tooth as well. So what better combination can be of Saffron and Milk…..apart from Saffron Milk Shake 😉 is the Kesar Malai Peda. It is easily made in approx. an hour and half. Enjoy it with friends and family ☺


  • Full cream milk 1 lt
  • Saffron few strands soaked in 4 spoons of hot milk.
  • Pinch of citric acid dissolved in 1 tbsp of water.
  • 3 tbsp corn flour mixed with 4 spoons of milk.
  • Crushed green cardamom 0.5 tbsp.


1) In a deep non stick pan bring to boil milk and cook it for around 20 minutes so that it reduces to around half the original quantity. Kindly stir it continuously to avoid any burning from the sides or at the bottom of the pan.

2) Then mix the saffron already dissolved in the milk and keep stirring.

3) Still mixing the saffron and add to it the citric acid dissolved in water slowly so that the milk starts to curdle up.

4) As the milk starts curdling add to it the green cardamom powder.

5 )After the citric acid, add to it the corn flour solution slowly and keep stirring. The milk will start thickening up. Keep stirring for around 50 minutes till it thickens more.

6) This is how the milk starts thickening up but keep stirring.

7) Finally when it resembles like Khoya, add to it half a cup sugar and mix it well. Set aside to cool down for some time and then make small little pedas when the milk is still warm so that they get the perfect shape.

8 ) Garnish with Almonds or Pistachios or dry fruits of your choice and enjoy 🙂

So this was an easy way out to Kesar Malai Pedas. I hope you will enjoy making it as much as I did. I will be more than happy to know your valuable feedback.

Enjoy cooking and spread happiness ☺


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