eggless black forest cake

Eggless Black Forest Cake

Eggless Black Forest Cake

I have started baking recently and make basic cake recipes to carve my skill. Initially, when my family appreciated the cakes, I used to feel that it’s more out of love for me and that they want to encourage me. But gradually I realized that they are loving it because they had started demanding for different varieties 🙂 I got super duper excited and indulged in more sincere baking. It was the time of my dearest hubby’s birthday when he said he wants a Black Forest Cake. I was like, really !!!

Never ever have I tried my hands on frosting or decorating the cake, and he was demanding a full-fledged Black Forest Cake. His wish is my command 🙂 and I started my research to make a good one if not perfect. Scanned through many recipes on the internet, added/subtracted things as per my like and finally here it is… Eggless Black Forest Cake. But before I proceed with it, let’s know what it is!

Black Forest Cake has multiple layers (generally 4, however, you can make it with 2 as well) of chocolate sponge cake, cherries, and whipped cream. The layers are frosted with the whipped cream and are topped with chocolate shavings/curls and cherries. The layers are flavoured and moistened with the cherry syrup. Sounds tempting!!! Isn’t it 🙂 Now, please read further to know how I came up with this cake.


  • Basic Chocolate Cake(Eggless) split in four parts.(Read recipe Here)
  • Whipping Cream(I have used Dream Whip Company cream)
  • Full fat milk 1 cup
  • Cherries Syrup(I have used canned cherries as I did not get fresh one)
  • Vanilla Essence 2 tsp
  • Dark Chocolate

 Key Points:

  • Please frost the cake only after it has cooled down completely in case you are making the chocolate sponge at that time only. In my case I had made and placed them in the fridge wrapped in a cling paper a night before to ease out my work.
  • Please use ‘Oil’ instead of Ghee/Butter as it not only gives a healthy twist to it but also it is easier to preserve and eat later. If the cake is made in butter, it will harden if placed in the fridge. I always try to use oil in my cakes.
  • I have used canned Cherries and Syrup as fresh ones were not available. To make a syrup out of fresh cherries, take ½ cup of water in a heating pan and add to it ¼ cup cherries and 1 tbsp sugar. Boil it for two minutes to see if the sugar has dissolved completely and the cherries have softened. You can double the measurement as per your requirements. Transfer the contents to a bowl, allow it to cool completely and cut the cherries in two halves.
  • For a perfect whipping cream frosting, ensure that the bowl in which you whisk is chilled and the milk is also chilled. This ensures firm peaks in the frosting and this indicate they will maintain their shape.
  • Always use a serrated knife to cut the cake or a thread to split it into parts.


  1. I have a 10” Eggless Chocolate Cake cut in two parts. I have wrapped them and placed in fridge for an hour. This makes cake easy to handle and frosting is also spread easily.
  2. Split the two cakes from centre to get four almost equal parts. Trim off the uneven edges.


  1. Empty the sachet of Whipping Cream in a glass bowl and pour chilled milk in it. Whisk it till firm peaks are formed and they hold their shape. Add Vanilla Essence to it and give it a gentle mix. The frosting is ready
  2. Empty the Cherry Syrup and Cherries in a bowl and move to the next step of layering.  
  1. Take the first layer and generously spread cherry syrup over it.
  2. Then place a scoop of frosting and spread it evenly. Place the second layer of cake over it.
  3. Again Spread cherry syrup over it and place some cherries too.
  4. Repeat Step no 6 and place the third layer over it. Repeat Step no 7 and place the fourth(Final) layer over it.
  1. Once all the layers have been placed, cover the entire cake with a uniform layer of frosting from all sides.
  2. Take a Dark Chocolate and break it into two three pieces.
  3. Take a clean peeler and start peeling off the sides of the chocolates. This will give you beautiful curls of chocolate.
  4. Start placing the curls all over the cake to give it that forest kind of look.
  1. Cover the cake with curls and spare some to garnish it.
  2. Now decorate it with the leftover cherries in the best possible way you want to decorate the cake.
  3. I have placed a layer of cherries on the bottom side as well to give it a fancy look and ta-da our cake is ready.

eggless black forest cakeThis is the final look of the cake. I have spread some curls along with the cherries in the bottom part. Hubby was amazingly surprised as it was my first ever frosted cake. Truly, Firsts are always special. Do try it out and let me know how you liked it.

Enjoy cooking and spread happiness ☺

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