Chicken Biryani

How to make delicious spicy Chicken Biryani at home Delicious Chicken Biryani Recipe made easy at home

Be it any age group, you can find chicken lovers all across the world at all times. Chicken Biryani is our family favourite chicken dish when it comes to please our taste-buds. Chicken Biryani is a savoury rice dish which is loaded with spicy chicken, fried onions and saffron-infused, flavoured long-grain basmati rice. There are various ways to prepare it as per your likings and time constraints. I have used Masala Chicken while skipping on the marination part but went ahead with the traditional layering process. It’s highly aromatic and well-seasoned dish which goes well with Raita, sliced cucumbers and onions or just on its own.

Few Words:

  1. There are various ways to go ahead with making your chicken for the biryani. Some marinade it to preserve the juice of the chicken while letting the flavours infuse in it thoroughly. Leave it for a few hours in fridge, fry them with whole spices and simultaneously cook rice in it. So the juices of the chicken are used to cook rice as well.
  2. Some prepare the chicken and rice separately and then layer it.(I generally use this method as I like my chicken to be well cooked and coated with Masalas).
  3. Chicken Biryani is a perfect blend of spices and chicken cooked with rice in appropriate proportions and it tastes the best when cooked on low flame or using the dum-cooking method.
  4. Dum-Cooking is sealing all the spaces from where the steam may escape with a wheat dough. Allow it to cook on slow flame. Sealing the spaces ensure no escape of the flavour or aroma thus making it juicier and tastier.
  5. If not up for sealing, still slow cook the chicken to retain its juices and the chicken pieces become more aromatic and tender.
  6. I have roasted chicken with spices and onion, ginger garlic paste and then layered it up in the Rice Cooker.
  7. I have not soaked my Basmati Rice, as it turned out to be soggy when cooked with chicken in my previous attempts. Hence, I went ahead with just the washed and drained rice. You can decide for your rice to soak or not soak depending upon its quality.


  1. Chicken cut in small pieces 800 gm(approx.)
  2. **For preparing the chicken, its ingredients and the process, please refer to the recipe here
    Note: Skip on the gravy part. Keep it dry.

  3. Basmati Rice 1 ½ cup washed and drained
  4. Bay Leaves 2
  5. Cloves 3
  6. Black peppercorns 4
  7. Green Cardamom(Choti Elaichi) 2
  8. Black Cardamom(Badi Elaichi) 1
  9. Star Anise 1
  10. Cinnamon Stick 1” piece
  11. Mace(Javitri) 2
  12. Nutmeg Powder(Jaiphal) a pinch freshly ground.
  13. Caraway Seeds(Shaah Jeera) 1 tsp (Optional).
  14. A few Saffron Threads(Kesar) dissolved in milk or water.
  15. Fresh mint leaves chopped ½ cup
  16. Fresh coriander leaves chopped ½ cup
  17. Ghee 2 tbsp
  18. Salt as per requirement
  19. Onions sliced and deep fried 2 medium
  20. **I have microwaved the sliced onions with a tbsp of oil at high power. Took attention that it didn’t get burnt and kept stirring it in between.


  1. Prepare the chicken as mentioned above using the recipe here . Be cautious not to add gravy. Just roast it till it is well cooked. If you like your chicken to be not very tender, you can stop roasting when it is about 80% done. Rest it will cook along with the rice. I prepare it fully and that’s how I like my chicken to be!
  2. Once you are halfway through the chicken, take your rice cooker. Add ghee, all the whole spices, salt, washed and drained rice and 1 ½ cup of water. The key point to remember is that normally Rice: Water is 1:2. But since we will be cooking it with chicken as well, so for now kept the Rice: Water ratio as 1:1
  3. Put it in Cook Mode and let it cook. Once done, you can mix it all up to level up the flavours.
    I have used Rice Cooker, you could also boil it separately with all the spices till it is 75% done and strain the water.
    Once the chicken is ready, we are ready for the layering process.

  4. In the rice cooker, spread half of the cooked rice, arrange the chicken pieces with masala, garnish it with the mint and coriander leaves, saffron water/milk and fried Onions.
  5. Now spread the second layer of rice on top and repeat the process in step no 3.
  6. At this stage add some ghee and around 1 cup of water as the chicken will also release its juice. Put the lid On, and again Cook it. (I have used Rice Cooker. Alternatively, you can use a wide and deep pan with lid. In this case, you will have to manually keep a watch on the time anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes at low flame. Also, if you want to apply Dum, seal all the vapour escape points with a dough layer.)
  7. Once done, you get beautifully made Chicken Biryani. Serve it with your favourite side dishes. We enjoyed it as it is!

I hope you liked my version of Chicken Biryani. Please try it and let me know your thoughts on it.

Keep Cooking and Sharing Happiness 🙂