Boneless Chicken Chilli-Dry

Good food always bring a smile to our faces and satisfaction deep within. My family including me is a die-hard fan of Chinese cuisine. One such favorite dish of all times is Chicken Chilli Dry. It is crispy, crunchy and a mouth-watering dish. It can be used as an Appetizer or as a Side Dish along with Noodles or Fried Rice. So without further ado, let’s begin with the process.

Recipe for approx 800 gm (boneless) chicken cut in small pieces is as follows:

For Marination :

  1. 5 egg whites only
  2. 2 big tbsp corn flour
  3. 1 big tbsp red hot sauce
  4. 1 big tbsp green chilli sauce
  5. 1 big tbsp tomato ketchup
  6. 1.5 big tbsp white vinegar
  7. 0.5 big tbsp soy sauce
  8. 1 tsp salt
  9. 10-12 cloves of garlic
  10. 10 green chillies ground

Mix all these well with chicken. Marinade and keep it aside for 2 hrs.

After 2 hours fry the chicken pieces and put it on absorbent paper to drain the excess oil. Remember not to overcook. On the other hand there will be some material left behind the chicken pieces which will be used later on.

In the leftover oil in fry pan stir fry these..

  1. 2 onions diced long
  2. 10 – 12 cloves of garlic diced
  3. Small ginger diced
  4. Plenty of green chilli diced
  5. Green and red bell peppers diced

After around 2 mins add again soy sauce (little) red hot sauce, green chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, vinegar (optional)..again after 2 mins..add the left over material from above..stir fry them.
After some time add the fried chicken pieces and mix well. Stir for some time till you get a thick consistency.

Serve hot !!!

Keep Cooking and Sharing Happiness 🙂